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Flowers in Pocket

Everything at Nature's Grace Studio is sustainable and handmade with love and care by me, Grace!

This brand is a completely one-woman show! The entire making process includes fabric sourcing, pattern cutting, sewing, packaging and social media.


Every piece is made to order so the garment fits you perfectly which also means there is as minimal fabric waste as possible.


All fabrics are sourced by me to make sure all my products are great quality and have a transparent supply chain and background. My fabrics are all sustainable from using all organic and natural fibres and using deadstock and recycled materials!

A lot of time and effort has gone into creating this brand and making sure it is transparent and sustainable so you, the consumer know where your clothes are from!


I also have a passion for upcycling! If you have any unwanted clothes please message me and we can discuss the new life of your garment!

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