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  • Where are you based?
    I am based in the UK near London! I can ship world wide just message me for more info on my instagram @naturesgracestudio or email me
  • Can i customise an order?
    Yes! With each order you can customise the product to your size, if you would like any other alterations to your product please message me on instagram @naturesgracestudio or email me with what you would like. I also offer an upcyle service and can do custom commissions
  • What do I do if I have something for you to upcycle?
    Please message me on instagram @naturesgracestudio or email me so we can disucss upcycling! This is something I love to do and I can create your old garments into something completely new!
  • What fabrics do you use?
    All my fabrics are sustainable. If my fabrics are not organic or made from natural fibres then they are recycled or deadstock materials. I love upcycling and using old garments to create my pieces aswell. All my fabrics are washed before hand so there is no shrinkage for when the garment is next washed. I make sure to quality check all of my fabrics and to quality check my products before I ship them out to you so there are no faults!
  • Do you have a instagram accont?
    Yes! My page is @naturesgracestudio ( ) Here I display my work and keep you updated on all my recent projects!
  • How is your brand ethical?
    All products on my site are handmade by me, Grace! At the moment Nature's Grace Studio is a 1 woman show and I am producing all the garments on my own. I purchase all my materials from small buisnesses and ethical and sustainable companies to make sure my brand is as transparent as possible. This is something I feel very strongly about and I want to make sure my customers are comfortable buying into my brand and know everything that goes on behind the scenes! More info about my brand is on my Instagram page @naturesgracestudio or my 'about' page on my website
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