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The luxury lace bralette has satin elastic adjustable crossed bra strapping with gold metal fastenings and adjusters. This is made to measure with elastic satin and a plush back trim to make it as comfortable as possible and soft on the skin. Finally the lace used for these bralettes is ex designers dead stock lace to ensure a luxury feel and great quality. All items that contribute to this bralette are made to last and sourced from sustainable companies or small businesses. Finally all bralettes are made by hand with love, by me, Grace x

Luxury Lace Bralette

  • This bralette is made to measure so I will need your up to date bra measurement.

    • The sizing will be done by industry bra sizing ( 32D, 34E etc )
    • The importance of having the most recent bra measurement is everyones bra size changes through out the years from many factors. As this is a made to measure piece it is important to have your up to date size so this bralette fits you perfectly. The bra measurement should be the measurement from maximum 6 months ago or less.
  • Hand wash if possible but if not put items in the washing machine, always place the garments in a 'delicates' wash bag use a gentle and cool wash cycle. Ensure you use a detergent that is designed for delicate fabrics.


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